Area 207 Coordinator & BGO (Central Virginia)


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Jun 12, 2008
My name is Bill Parkhurst and I am a 1989 graduate of USNA. I am a Blue & Gold Officer (BGO) and spent most of my naval career on Cruisers and Destroyers. I settled in Central Virginia after my time in the Navy afforded me the opportunity to literally travel to the far side of the world and back. I am also the Area 207 Coordinator that manages a cadre of 12 volunteer BGOs in this area. Area 207 covers roughly all of Virginia from Charlottesville westward. BGOs are here to assist candidates in the application process, conduct a face-to-face interviews, and answer any questions you have around USNA that you cannot find elsewhere.

Please contact me if you have questions. If I don't knowt the answer I will find one.
Welcome Mr. Parkhurst. Our members will be most fortunate to benefit from your offered advice & knowledge! Thank you for your past & continued service!
Welcome to you too sir and thank you for your service.

Any relation to Cadet 1/c Jono Parkhurst at the USCGA?
Welcome, parkhurst89. Thank you for joining our community! :smile: