Armed Forces Bowl


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Nov 25, 2007
On ESPN today....if you watched it, you may have noticed a shoutout from the Coast Guard...I was in the one from Cutter VIGOROUS.

Go Air Force...and Coast Guard!
I SAW IT! COOL!!! Wish they'd show it again!!

Score is 21-AF to 14-CAL at the moment. GO AF!
VIG had another shout out later from the bridge of the cutter...I was the guy to the far left.

Nasty knee injury....have to be a little concerned for his commission too.
Dang. I missed that one. My Mom jumped up during the Navy commercials where they showed the USNS Comfort & spilled my coke. :rolleyes:

BOO to CAL. BOO. Man, I wanted AF to win.
The knee injury to shaun carney turned out to be a probable ACL and MCL tear. Luckily he's planning on becoming a graduate assistant next season so it won't affect his pilot training chances.