Army Football is on a roll....


Apr 10, 2015
Decisive victory, 49-12, against a not so great Rice team this weekend. Team is now 4-2 and should be 5-1 if not for all the injuries sustained against Ohio State in close away game loss to Tulane. Meat of the schedule coming up starting with Eastern Michigan at home this weekend, Temple home, Air Force away, Duke at home and North Texas away. Tough playing in the mountains of Colorado so Air Force may be a hard fought victory despite their record. Team is looking good and Navy is No. 25 and undefeated. That may change for them toward end of season when they play Notre Dame and Houston back to back. Like last year, injuries on both teams will be a big factor. Should be a great game on December 9th. Go Army, Beat Navy!
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Brutal road schedule this year - Ohio State plus CO, LA, and 2 TX trips. Way too many travel hours and time zones to add up to enough wins. No reflection on the team; just oddsmaker 101. Need to beat Temple and Eastern to lock up the bowl trip; can't leave that to a late season cross country 'gotta win' road game.

[Of course we will win in Dec at Philly so maybe one more win is enough after all . . . ;)]
[Of course we will win in Dec at Philly so maybe one more win is enough after all . . . ;)]
Enough for me cause that would mean the CinC Trophy stays in Colorado!
Got to attend the EMU win this Sat; perfect day and a great game. Supe rode in on a sweet chopper [the 2 wheel kind not the rotating wing kind] and pumped out 1 armed pushups after a TD.

Beat Temple for a 6th 'W' and a bowl game now !
Looking forward to a good game in Falcon Stadium Nov. 4. Of course, that depends on which AF team shows up, the one that played Michigan and SDSU tough and pushed Navy to the limit in Annapolis, or the one that gave up 50 points to NM and spotted 27 points to UNLV before launching an epic comeback. I really don't know what to make of most teams in college football this year, so it's hard to project but I'm expecting another slug-fest between AF and Army like the one at Navy and then the same thing in Philly. It's good to see that kind of competition between all the SAs again.
.......and now a bowl. After beating Eastern Michigan and Temple in very, very close and exciting games they are now bowl eligible and have accepted an invite to The Armed Services Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas on December 23rd. Tickets already on sale. Now 6-2, Navy 5-2 and Air Force 3-4. Air Force is a much better team than record shows and it will be a battle in two weeks when Army visits them in Colorado Springs. Go Army, Beat Air Force!
Legitimate chance for 8+ wins this season - looking forward to both the December games !!!
Woot! huge win for Army. Very tough conditions at 6500 feet in mountain air and they pull off a 21-0 win. They were 7 point underdogs. Air force has not been shut-out in 300+ games. Don't think the thin air doesn't affect the play, Armad Bradshaw on his second series lost his cookies in mid-run. He gave it all and set his personal best in rushing yards. Army swept all four varsity competitions this weekend as well. Setting up for a great game on December 9th. Go Army, Beat Navy!!!!!
Watched the game and have this question; do you think Army can beat Navy with only a running game? If Navy figures out Bradshaw's ground game, Army's in BIG trouble. BTW: I'm rooting for Army for Brandon Jackson and that they haven't won the CinC Trophy in a while.
In memory of Brandon Jackson.
If they figure out Bradshaw, you easily have Kell Walker, John Trainer, Darnell Woofolk, Andy Davidson, and Slamka. There are so many weapons on this team and not to mention...the defense is absolutely nasty.
If Army execute the option properly having the defense keying on QB opens up other gaps. Its one of the best things that can happen when tackle and D-end both overcommit to the QB.

Maybe they can at least work on a shovel pass however . . .

Now beat Duke at home and lock up an 8 win season !!!
Looking forward to a good game in Falcon Stadium Nov. 4. Of course, that depends on which AF team shows up, the one that played Michigan and SDSU tough and pushed Navy to the limit in Annapolis, or the one that gave up 50 points to NM and spotted 27 points to UNLV before launching an epic comeback.QUOTE]

Well I guess I have my answer. Army was clearly better in all phases of the game. They didn't throw a pass because they didn't have to. The line of scrimmage moved 2-3 yards in their favor every time. Congrats to the Black Knights--finally the CIC trophy will truly be up for grabs in December.
So I may be getting way over my skis here but the December 9th game may have even more importance than usual pride and now with win over Air Force, the Commander and Chief Trophy at stake. Navy is sitting at 5-3, losing 3 straight and has very tough games ahead. SMU this weekend home, No.3 Notre Dame away and then a very good Huston team away. Very possible they may not win any of these and if so they will need to beat Army to be Bowl eligible. We are already in the Armed Forces Bowl at 7-2. The Army Navy game this year is going to be huge. Go Army- Beat Duke and Navy!
Hate to say any game is meaningless but Duke won't change anything for Army except win total and boasting rights.
Hope they don't have a letdown after the euphoria in CO; its the last home game ever for our firsties so there's that going for them.

And facing another long TX road trip next week . . . wouldn't it be great to bag a 9 win season before Navy given the brutal road schedule we had ?!?
Going to OH, LA, TX, CO, and TX again is pretty rough for an East Coast program.

Reality check is Navy not going to their conf championship so they will be better rested and less banged up than last year - Dec 9 going to be a real showdown !!
The team has really shown some heart in winning these games despite schedule and has played relatively disciplined football. Last year Navy was very banged up but we still have an extra week to prepare and rest for them even without the Championship game and not sure how much less banged ultimately they will be, some big players on Notre Dame and Houston. Look what Ohio State did to us. I think we still have the chip on our shoulder given the prior streak but they will be playing for all the marbles.
So Navy is Bowl eligible with a 3 point win in last seconds of game. SMU was horrible first half and triple option had them confused along with many miscues. SMU came roaring back in second half. Give Navy credit for win over good team. Army won again against Duke, now 8-2 and last game will be away at a good North Texas team. Another nail biter. Defense is showing their stuff this year. Great 4th quarter stop. Turning out to be the best year since 1996. Took this from Army game notes.

• Army's six-game winning streak is the longest for the Black Knights since 1996.
• Dating back to last season, Army is 11-2 in its last 13 games; since the beginning of 2016, it has won 16 of its last 23 contests.
• The Black Knights won a game over a Power 5 conference team for the second year in a row with a 21-16 victory over Duke.
• Army finishes the 2017 home slate undefeated at 6-0, and the last three games have been won by a total of nine points.
• The last team to go undefeated at Michie Stadium was the 1996 squad, and Army is the sixth team since 1960 to win every game at home.
• The Black Knights are headed to back-to-back bowls for the first time since the 1984 and 1985 seasons when they went to the Cherry and Peach Bowl under head coach Jim Young.
• North Texas, like Army, has seen success since the Heart of Dallas Bowl last year and is 7-3 on the year and wrapped up the West Division Title in Conference USA last Saturday.
Lets secretly hope North TX is resting up for their conference championship . . .

This might be one of the better regular season matchups for Army; hope the usual road trip handicap plus playing away on senior day doesn't hurt them too much.

ESPN has Army as 2.5 pt favorite on the road with ~65% chance of winning per PFI.
10 win regular season is achievable; Go Army !!!