Army Lieutenant Refuses to Serve in Iraq


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How embarrusing. At least we know he isn't a West Pointer (They would have been blabbing that everywhere if he was), but its still an embarrusment. I think there may be some indication, however that he didn't know what he was getting into. If he was commissioned in 2003, lets suppose he was in ROTC, he originially started in 1999, way before 9-11 and maybe didn't really realize he was gonna end up in war. (And hadn't been influenced by that medias new attack on the War in Iraq until recently.)

It seems he is simply a coward, or possibly, he just jumped on the band wagon, hoping he would gain support.

I think we should ship him to Iraq with soldiers who are conscientious objectors like himself and watch him give them orders to shoot those who are attacking his platoon. We can laugh when they throw their hands in the air because they don't want to shoot at the "innocent" Iraq insurgents (carrying AK-47, improvised explosives and maybe an RPG.) He'd see what its like to have people under your command who don't understand the magnamity of the situation and take it upon themselves to issue their OWN orders. (While this isn't practical, I think its a similar situation.)

Honestly, I hope he does not get sent to Iraq as he will be a diservice to our nation. He can finish his commission in a military prison.
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On what basis is this war illegal?

Congress voted for this war and Bush turned out to be right IMO. Why does the media refuse to pick up this story:,2933,120137,00.html

These were weapons (Sarin Gas) dating back from 1991 which Sadaam claimed to have destroyed but never said where. Remember, only one cannister killed 5,000 people in Tokyo and this was part of about 500 that "was supposedly" destroyed. So now we know that at least two weren't. Why doesn't this mean that Bush was right and the war fully justified??


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Lock him up. He signed a contract with the U.S. military, he has no rights.

He's just another war dodging pansy to me.

Its a pitty that know-nothing civilians who read this will back him up. People will do anything to get their one ups on the govt. A true soldier would be begging to be shipped back no matter the circumstance.

Doing what he did is the greatest sign of disrespect one can show to the thoulsands of soldiers who died protecting the rights he is using to avoid is responsibility. And he is an officer, what a bad example to set.


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This guy is just trying to ride the Democratic anti-war, anti-military, and anti-american wave. He think he'll get tons of backing for this. That doesn't matter. What matters is that what he is doing is against what he swore to do. Hopefully the Army doesn't buckle to the media and left-wing nut jobs.

Note: I know all Democrats aren't like that, but a lot are. I still respect some democrats, so don't take it personally if you have those Democratic political views.