Army ROTC 4-year National Scholarship: How competitive am I?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by uniform 419, Sep 23, 2010.

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    I'm sure this type of thread is probably one of the veteran members least favorite things to see (since this whole post is, by its very nature, extremely self centered on my part), and I do want to apologize for that right off the bat. However, If some of the members here wouldn't mind telling me whether or not I'm actually a viable canidate for a 4 year scholarship, I'd really appreciate it. You'd be helping me, and my family, gain some much needed prespective on this issue, and we'd all be very grateful for it.

    So, all that said, here's my info

    Again, thanks to those who've taken the time to respond to this post.
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    Nov 7, 2009
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    Your w and uw gpa makes me question why so little pt difference with so many APs.

    I would think you are the classic example of having your w gpa being re-configured by their standards. What is their w for AP?

    I would also believe that they will not use your SAT score for deciding, because when candidates submit both, they place them through their comparison chart and take the highest of the two. A 34 on the ACT is going to be close to a 2200-2300 SAT.

    I think you are standing very strong. For those who are new to the system, BSA is very highly looked upon, especially since you have 7 yrs in the system. Eagle is the true feather in the cap.

    Good luck

    Educate is correct, a lot will have to do with the colleges you apply to, if you place all high reaches on your list, you may get the scholarship, but not admittance. You need to match your schools for your list.
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    You are indeed a viable candidate. You, on paper at least, embody the leader/scholar/athlete that Army ROTC is looking for.
    Ace your interview, submit good recommendations and pass the medical and if you choose your colleges wisely you have a good shot.
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    Academically yes, but the push ups are low, and the curl ups are just passing (judging from the APFT score chart.)

    But try to bring those up a bit. If you go to a gym, do some flys (on a free weight if possible), chest press, and some tricep work.

    I did this the week before and of my PFT, and it brought up my pushups by 10 in a week.

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