Army ROTC Board questions and OCS Questions


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Nov 29, 2016
I didn't receive the scholarship first board nor second board and I was wondering if someone could clarify if its mainly because second board receives a whole new pool of applicants who didn't apply first board. Which I guess means that previously boarded applicants could have probably been brought down the OML for scholarship selection. If that's the case I was wondering if this meant the third board receives another whole new pool of applicants or not that many apply for 3rd because its later in the year.

2. As I stated I didn't get it this board, I am beginning to consider my plan B options if I don't get third board. I'm aware I can apply for campus ROTC scholarships which is my next plan and if that don't work, there is OCS. I was wondering if anybody knew the general competition for OCS or the difficulty to commission from OCS.
You are aware you can do ROTC in college and commission without a scholarship, correct? You don't need to worry about OCS at this point. If you don't get a scholarship, and can afford to attend without it, you'll be fine. If you'll have difficulty affording school without the scholarship, there are other options available such as the SMP program.

Keep in touch with the ROO at your school and work with him, scholarship or not. Most importantly, if you don't get one, show up in the fall prepared and ready to max the PT test. You might be surprised how many cadets don't, and how quickly you'll shoot to the top of the list for a campus-based scholarship.

It's too early to give up hope at this point. Best of luck on the third board, but keeping working on plan B.
When you are boarded for the first time you receive a score and placed on the National Scholarship OML. You are boarded based on when you complete the application. Each board has new applicants. Only the new applicants are boarded. They are given a score and placed on the same OML. So after the third board all applicants will have been boarded, and they will give the remaining scholarships based on your board scores.

It is easier to get accepted and commission through ROTC than OCS, especially if you want to go on active duty. OCS is the lowest priority for officer commissions and OCS slots aren't available every year. Basically, OCS is used to fill any spaces left open after West Point and ROTC commissions.

As stated previously you can complete ROTC without a scholarship. Most cadets who do earn a scholarship, only earn a two year scholarship, and not all cadets will get a scholarship.
Does the board take into consideration the gender of the applicant or the race/ethnicity? I was wondering if you are female if you have better odds for the scholarship because there are fewer female applicants and the wish to have a diverse group?