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    I wanted to make folks aware of a great program the Army has for ROTC cadets called CULP -- Cultural Language Program. This program allows cadets to apply for a month-long summer program to work with a foreign military organization, take a langague course or participate in an humanitarian project in a developing country. The program's objective is to create army officers who are more experienced in dealing with foreign cultures. I believe this is the third year the program has been offered.

    My daughter is a freshman and was just selected to participate in a humanitarian project this summer in the Philippines. Other teams go to destinations in Africa, E. Europe, Asia and Central America. Teams are organized into groups of around 30 cadets who plan their mission, travel to their assigned country and work together on a project. The Army pays for the entire program and even provides a modest wage for the month.

    I think this is a fantastic opportunity and wanted those getting scholarships to be aware of it (I get the sense it is not that widely publicized). With LDAC taking up the summer after junior year, the program is ideal for freshmen and sophmores to apply for.
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    Some CULP and CLIP links that may be helpful;

    Press release Link

    Overview LINK

    Regs Link

    Major Toth's blog Link
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    Gojack you are right on with all the links. It's always good to check out the reg for the definitive information (and I thank you for the plug for my blog).

    It should be well publicized, because if the MS I instructor is using the mandated lesson plans there is a whole period of instruction dedicated to the CULP/CLIP program. Every Freshman enrolled in ROTC should be aware of it. My hope is that MS I instructors aren't doing their job, because we took full advantage of the program last year and secured 5 slots. Word got out and this year none of our applicants got slots. so I'm kind of bummed it's not a well kept secret anymore. Glad your daughter got a slot. It's a great opportunity!