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    Hello, I was granted a 4 year ROTC scholarship. Although this is an amazing opportunity, I have always felt like the Navy would fit me better than the Army. I was curious if anyone has ever heard of someone transferring their scholarship from Army to Navy. I'm sure this will involve me reapplying for an NROTC scholarship, but I am unfamiliar with the process, just looking for some guidance.
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    I don't believe I have ever heard of anyone transferring an AROTC scholarship to any other military branch.

    As far as applying for the scholarship, they are totally different processes. You will have to start over and apply for an NROTC scholarship.
    If you are a HS senior it is too late to apply for this year. You can apply for 2018 beginning April of 2017.

    Here is the link:

    Here is a sample description of the NROTC program for non-scholarship mids (College Program) from Georgia Tech:

    If you are a HS senior, your best bet is likely to join an NROTC unit during your freshman year this fall, and enroll as a "college programmer" which is a non-scholarship midshipman. Then your NROTC staff can assist you in competing for a "side load" 3 year scholarship for the following year.

    Any particular reason you did not apply for the NROTC scholarship if you "always felt the Navy would fit you better?" Edit: Sorry, I missed the word reapply in your original post.
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    "...reapplying for an NROTC scholarship" - Did you already apply for an NROTC scholarship and turn it down? If not, all services have their own separate application process, and as AROTC-dad mentioned, it is too late to apply for NROTC.
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    No, you can not transfer an Army Scholarship to the Navy or vice versa. Why do you feel that you would fit better into the Navy? What is your intended major and what type of job would like to perform in the military?