Army vs Navy, Study Abroad in Korea

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by vaiowong, Apr 17, 2015.

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    I've been fortunate enough to have the choice between an Army and Navy 4 year scholarship. Initially, I thought I was dead set on the Navy, choosing nuclear engineering as my major in hopes of getting into subs. But recently after talking to someone at the Army ROTC unit at my future school, I started to look into other fields. Intelligence especially appealed to me, and I keep having thoughts in the back of my head about wanting to go into that instead. I know I still have the opportunity to go into intelligence with the Navy after a few years of sea duty, but I've thought it over and realized there are other factors important to me between choosing Army or Navy.
    I know I want to at least spend a semester studying abroad in Korea, and the Army is probably the better choice if that was my primary focus. But I was wondering if the Navy would be open to that too.
    Also, looking at the bigger picture, would being stationed in Korea be possible in the Navy as an intelligence officer?
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    Study abroad occurred for my DS as an MSII cadet, but it is independent of ROTC. You'll be there as a student, not a cadet. Like so many things, this is battalion specific, you'll see posts about PMS' who encourage it, and those that do not. As to branching MI and being stationed in Korea (seems a little early for that kind of talk) I'll leave those chances to the likes of -Bull- and Jccleppe to comment.
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    I certainly know of NROTC midshipmen who have studied abroad. As nofodad mentioned it's separate from ROTC, but you'll need to coordinate with ROTC for permission, as well as working out a plan to double up on Naval Science classes one semester to make sure you graduate on time.
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    Korea is not a particularly difficult assignment to get.

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