Army vs Navy?

After watching the WP cadet ended her game with $1 last night, I don't think there will be any Army vs Navy on Jeopardy this year. Maybe Army could still "beat" Navy if the midshipman ends with $0 on Friday?
Stop it Sandnnw. This is the year. Go Army!
Isn't $1845 the midshipman bet the year naval academy was established? Alex Trebek doesn't seems to know that. It is a gutsy move for the Georgetown girl to bet $9K in final jeopardy. The midshipman is smart to bet nothing - I would not count him out at all. What a fun championship to watch.
As an aside, Navy women beat Army in basketball last nite, 67-62. It was a star game so the Navy seniors got theirs for the 1st time in 3 years. Navy senior PG Sarita Condie took control; Army had no answer for her!
The midshipman made it to the two-day finals against MIT and Stanford! Wow!