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    Along with my USNA and USMA apps, I am also in the process of finshing up my AROTC/NROTC MO (Been slacking, too dependent on USNA/USMA).

    Is the NROTC MO process the same as the AROTC? After I finish the online I will need an interview and a (different?) Fitness Test?

    DoDMERB already qualified me for USNA and USMA.

    Thanks for your advice!
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    Yes it is the same

    Yes, the process is the same. There will be an interview which you should try to have done by the PNS at your #1 college's unit, if practicable.

    There is also a separate physical fitness test. This is usually conducted by a Marine immediately after the interview. This test is much more demanding than the Army test and the Marine's show they care very much about it by having it conducted by a Marine as opposed to a high school coach. Max scores in the 3 events are obtained by completing 20 pullups, 100 crunches (2 min time limit) and an 18:00 three mile run. You can find how it's scored by searching online. You should aim for at least a score of 75 in each area. You almost certainly will NOT max it, but the closer you get the better off you'll be. The Marines are all about physical fitness and leadership. They don't care what your major is unlike the rest of the Navy.

    You need to hurry and get this in/done as there are only 2 Marine Option boards and the first is normally in November.

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