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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by bfhsj, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Hi, I am a rising high school senior and I am in the process of applying for an Army ROTC scholarship. I'm hoping that I can get some clarification on a couple topics.

    1. Does AP credit count as college credit for the ROTC application? I have AP exam scores of 3 to 5, and I should definitely be receiving (~10+) credit hours for at least the 4s and 5s at the colleges I am applying to. Can I check the box saying I have college credit, and if so would it be under:
    a) Attended/Currently in College Non-High School
    b) Dual Enrollment Classes-High School/College
    c) Prep-School/Community College
    And if I can say I have college credit, how would I determine how many hours of credit I have?

    2. I have taken or am currently taking a total of 10 AP, 7 Gifted (Honors+), and 5 Honors classes. Is there anywhere on the application I can write this, besides just on the "additional information" essay? If I do just put one sentence about this at the top of my third essay, will the board definitely see it? My cumulative unweighted GPA is only 3.62 but I'm hoping the board will consider that it would be much higher if I hadn't taken the most difficult classes available to me.

    Thanks so much for your time.
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    The way it was explained to me was that the AP scores will not get you college credit until you are enrolled at a school, and so you do not currently have any college credit.
    Just put the classes in the additional remark boxes if you feel that they won't see it on your transcript. There is a place to make sure that they see what you deem most noteworthy
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    Agree with Kronk. You haven't crossed the college credit bridge yet.
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