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    Anyone know what the typical AROTC battalion and class sizes are? How widely might class sizes vary within a battalion?

    Is there a point where a class is too small (transfers/dropouts/separations etc.) to operate efficiently? Or do positions get combined? for example, if an MSlV class fell to eight or fewer cadets. Would MS3s get moved up to MS4 jobs?

    With a small class opportunities for responsibility will be greater. Conversely, with a large class leadership positions will be more competitive.

    The following is from the U. of Maryland ROTC website, though I would guess it's a standard type of AROTC organization chart.

    Cadet Battalion Commander
    Cadet Executive Officer
    Cadet Command Sergeant Major
    Cadet Battalion S1
    Cadet Battalion S3
    Cadet Battalion S4
    Cadet Recruiting and Operations Officer
    Company Tactical Officer
    Platoon Tactical Officer
    Teacher, Assessor, Coach Officer

    Cadet Company Commander
    Cadet Company Executive Officer
    Cadet First Sergeant
    Cadet Platoon Leader
    Cadet Platoon Sergeant
    Cadet Squad Leader
    Ranger Challenge:

    Cadet Ranger Challenge Company Commander
    Cadet Ranger Challenge Executive Officer

    Cadet Team Leader

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    ROTC classes can be over 100 or as few as 2 or 3. Different programs have different templates with specific goals for end strength and commissionees per year. The most common size is probably 20-25.

    The positions you listed are fairly typical. At large programs, many of those staff positions would be filled by a primary staff officer and a couple of assistants. At smaller programs, the positions may be combined with a single cadet having to perform multiple duties.
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    For my battalion, the class of 2013 is smaller. So a couple MSIIs are stepping up to be SLs which are typically MSIII positions...
    We also have a few team leader slots that I'm guessing will be filled by MSIs.

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