AROTC board question


Feb 8, 2017
Curiou if anyone knows the answer to this question. If you are awarded the scholarship will the application status be updated on the website before you receive the letter in the mail? My DD is eagerly and not so patiently waiting for results from the 2nd board. Was wondering if it is worthwhile checking the website or just wait patiently for the mailman.
The website will update the winners first, from what I've seen from others...and if you are not changed from Boarded during this time, there is always the 3rd Board. So keep waiting patiently, but I would say expecting any notification in the mail would only be well after you knew about it online, or were contacted by the ROO.
My DS saw his selection status change to Winner online last year the third week of February. The scholarship notification arrived in the mail almost 3 weeks later. I don't remember when the phone call came, but it was definitely after finding out online.
The day that the award letters are mailed, is when the dashboard updates and the ROTC programs are allowed to make contact. In most cases you will get the dashboard update and/or phone call before receiving the letter.
I can tell you, its painful as DS was a third board winner. Between him and mom, I'm sure cadet command servers were very warm as they were both checking multiple times/day. BTW, his posted on 4/4. Good luck!