Arotc chances with eye history

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    I know anyone can enroll in arotc for the most part but I just got informed that I will may need a 3rd eye surgery (age 19 currently) to correct my cross eyes, 1st surgery (age 7 around) 2nd (age 12) all same reasoing btw. My question is if they will allow me to participate with those surgeries. I know the millitary hates consistent health problems that's why.
    Thank you for the replies, I know this might be a better question for a cadre or somone at the college but I wanted to start here.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by the first sentence "I know anyone can enroll in AROTC for the most part...."

    but, in regards to your history of eye surgery. A history of multiple strabismus surgeries is likely to cause issues for medical qualification. I wouldn't say a waiver is out of the question, but my guess is it would be reviewed very carefully....and I would suggest a very solid backup plan.
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    Please note I am not offering medical advice or expert interpretation of the Army Standards of Medical Fitness (Army Reg. 40-501), a possibly relevant portion of which is excerpted below.

    2–12. Eyes
    h. Ocular mobility and motility.
    (1) Current diplopia (386.2) does not meet the standard.
    (2) Current nystagmus (379.50) other than physiologic “end-point nystagmus” does not meet the standard.
    (3) Esotropia (378.0), and hypertropia (378.31). For entrance into the USMA or ROTC programs, the following
    conditions are also disqualifying: esotropia of over 15 prism diopters; exotropia of over 10 prism diopters; hypertropia
    of over 5 prism diopters.

    I'm not sure whether your goal is to try out AROTC to see if you want to pursue this path further, which many people do, or to be contracted and ultimately earn a commission as an officer, with or without an AROTC scholarship. Whatever your goal, in addition to contacting cadre at your potential battalion, you may also want to contact the DODMERB help desk for guidance.

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