AROTC Chances


Jan 25, 2017
Hey! I have just been boarded today and I want to know if I needn't need getting my hopes up. Here are my credentials:
  • 3.3 UW GPA, 3.7 SC UGP
  • 1200 SAT, 24 and 27 ACT
  • 1 AP credit, currently in 2 more AP classes
  • In top 30% of graduating class
  • Mainly taken and enrolled in Honors classes
  • Will graduate with 33.5 credits
  • In a JROTC Gold Star Unit all four years, 6 semesters total. Have served as a Staff Sergeant squad leader twice and currently (and last semester) as a 1LT Company XO
  • Went to JCLC-Carolina sophomore and junior summers, served as a Staff Sergeant squad leader sophomore session and 1LT Company XO junior session
  • Co-captain of Raider Team, earned 1 varsity letter, been on team all 4 years, with last 2 years being varsity. On Academic Team junior and senior years
  • Worked at Little Caesars sophomore summer and junior year
  • Nearly 100 volunteer community service hours
  • Earned American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence junior year
  • PMS said he recommended me for the scholarship and LTC JROTC instructor uploaded recommendation letter
That's about it. I'm applying to 1. University of Alabama 2. USC Columbia 3. The Citadel if it means any difference.
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Generally, I would say you are competitive based on what you have listed, however there are other factors that you are evaluated on as well: PMS Interview Score, PFT Score, and Board score.
55 push-ups, 58 curl ups, and a 7:10 mile was my PFA scores. I'm not sure what is considered good scores for that, though.