AROTC Deadline - Can make change after?


Apr 10, 2016
My son was awarded a four year Army ROTC Scholarship. He has March 8 deadline to accept. He is an admitted student to all three schools. But, we have a second visit scheduled (during spring break) to one of the two top choices the week after the deadline.
Does anyone know if it is possible to change schools after the deadline? Should he accept and choose one of the schools and then try to make a change if needed? Thanks

Goat 965

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Sep 12, 2017
The way the ROO at DD's first choice explained it, you first have to accept one of the offers. That is a must and has to be done by the deadline. DD has sent the acceptance, along with the change request letter and a copy of the acceptance letter from the school that she wants to attend to Cadet Command. In your case, I believe that you would send in the acceptance to the scholarship to one of the schools, and go through the change process afterwards. I think that at least accepting the scholarship to one of the schools is imperative, to get you started. A phone call to the ROO at any one of the schools would probably provide you some clarity.


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Sep 26, 2012
Yes you can change after the deadline.
Have your son talk to the individual units and find out if any "fill up."
If none do, pick his current first choice.
If one does, pick that one. If more than one does, hustle to visit or have him ask to talk to some cadets.
Also, remember to research if any of the schools offer room and board to ROTC scholarship recipients.
Congrats, good problems to have!