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    Hi there,

    I was awarded a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship. I was wondering when I should be hearing from the DoD to schedule my medical exam? Also, if I recently severely sprained my ankle, will that cause any problems at the medical exam? I should be out of my boot in about 4 weeks.

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    First off, DoDMERB is where you need to get your final answer. On your medical questionnaire you will be asked a series of questions. One of the questions has to do with an ankle injury. Both my kids had ankle injuries as do many athletes. Both had to go through an administrative remedial (additional paperwork). Both had injuries early in HS. Both were Qualified medically once paperwork (all medical files related to injury) was submitted. Key questions had to deal with whether or not they were cleared with no limitations and what have they been doing the last 12 months.

    Unfortunately your timing is not good. At minimum, I suspect you will have to go through a remedial that will require additional exam. They will likely want all the records related to the injury. Wait until they ask for them. That work in your favor because it gives you more time to heal. They may request a medical exam with an orthopedic doctor.

    Get into rehab immediately and work hard to get healthy. Do not risk further injury. Stop playing sports until you are fully heal and then some. Let the process play out. No need to jump the gun and report it now.

    And congrats on your scholarship.
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    You will be told when and how to start your DODMERB. Be patient. You will also be told what information is needed regarding your ankle. Hopefully by the time you get ready for your appointments you are healed up and back to normal activity. As long as it is not a permanent injury and you are have no limitations due to the injury you should be fine, or at least get a waiver if DODMERB disqualifies you.

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