AROTC DQ'ed???


Jan 10, 2016
I won a 3yr scholarship and I received a packet with information and I also had to send in my formal acceptance, however I just checked my application on the portal and is said the offer was withdrawn. Now I haven't had my DODOMERB exam because I haven't heard from them but I still have til the end of the month to take it. Does anyone understand why the offer would be refused or if there is anything I can do to change that?
How late did you wait to send in your acceptance letter? If you cut it close, and they didn't receive it in time, that might have done it.
Did you send in your acceptance letter with any sort of tracking # or proof of signature required? If so, be sure to have that handy as you talk with Cadet Command.
also waiting over 45 days to register your DoDMERB appointments could have caused it
When did you send the forms back in? Lack of signing is the same as rejecting the offer, thus it was rescinded. The date they said they needed a response was a firm date. IOWS, if they said postmarked by May 1st, they meant postmarked by May 1st, not the 5th. If they said get the DoDMERB done within 45 days, they meant it.

I hope for your sake they can reactivate the scholarship, and if they do, LEARN from this. Do not wait until the last minute.