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    Suppose you get a stress injury from running about a month out from starting school, what happens to you?

    Is your scholarship at stake even if you see a sports injury specialist and a physical therapist to try to correct the problem as much as possible? And what do you do if aforementioned injury will take 6-8 weeks to heal fully, during which time it is highly recommended not to run, but school, and therefore ROTC training, starts in 4 weeks?

    I know this has to be reported to DoDMERB, but do they make the final decision or would your PMS have any say in the matter, if you could swing them to your side? How often do people loose their scholarships due to injury?
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    I would call the PMS right away.
    Your scholarship is not activated until you pass the APFT and you are medically qualified. This means the Army will not pay your tuition until both of those conditions are met.
    You need to understand that if you start school and come Oct or Nov you don't meet both of those criteria you will have to pay your tuition.
    Talk to the PMS and Good Luck!
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    Definitely talk to your PMS or the enrollment have until the end of the semester to validate your scholarship. I have had cadets pass the PT test on the last day of the semester and still get their bill paid (they lost all that stipend though). Make sure your Battalion knows, make sure you still attend PT and work PU and SU, and make sure you pass the run, and the whole PT test by the end of the semester. Hopefully your battalion works with you, and they aren't in a hurry to cut you and reoffer that scholarship to someone without a history of shin splints. Also be advised that you won't receive book money or stipend, and the school won't get paid until you pass.

    DODMERB doesn't need to know about the change in medical condition unless it is going to limit you from normal activity for more than 6 months (I think that is the guideline), and the Cadet Command Surgeon is actually the person who will determine whether your change in condition is disqualifying (it's called a medical determination). Shin Splints shouldn't be a disqualifier.

    Again, check with your new Battalion, I'm just telling you how I would deal with your situation at my school/Battalion.

    Hope that helps.

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