AROTC & NROTC Board Dates


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Jan 22, 2008
I know that the first AROTC board date was Sep. 23 and that the NROTC-Marine option is Oct.31 , but does anyone know around when you should be hearing back from them?
I also thought there was an NROTC board in August. My Navy contact said I should be hearing something very soon from the August boards.
That might be so for the Navy NROTC scholarship..but the Marine Option has different board dates. I know that the Navy has more boards if that makes sense
So, October 10th is the day they send out notification for the first round of AROTC scholarships right? Does this mean you will recieve a letter on this day or a few days after? When should you suspect that you didn't recieve one?
We were told the first NROTC board would be in August with follow on boards every month.
Look for correspondence from the Battalion commander then Army cadet Command. I got my scholarship in mid october.
The first MC option ROTC board is suppose to be in November
yea from the october board. I don't think they were posted. the PMS from CSU called me and said, " Hey im so an so from AROTC at CSU wanting to congrat. you on your arotc scholarship, and i was all WHAT hold on i got it?!?! aha so i think he messed up on that part, but yea thats how i found out:biggrin:
Oh thank god, you scared me haha. I missed a call from the PMS at my first choice university. Congratulations! What does CSU stand for?
I guess we all posted at the same time but...did your AROTC status on the web change from "Check the DoDMERB?
Oh thank god, you scared me haha. I missed a call from the PMS at my first choice university. Congratulations! What does CSU stand for?

Colorado State University, they were saying they would give me a full-ride, but my top two choices are The Citadel and VMI
maximus- look at my prior post
We still have this on the site:
You may check your medical qualification status by visiting the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board DoDMERB WebSite
Ahh nice. I live in South Carolina and know some people who have gone or are currently going to the Citadel. Does anyone know when the status page will be updated from the October board?
We just got an email from VT stating "Congratulations on your AROTC Scholarship" just today and the AROTC web site still says the "Check the DoDMERB site for status. It was on our list of schools to apply for but we never completed an application, they are now waiving the application fee and want us to apply asap. My son was accepted at The Citadel and already put the deposit down for there. Thank God today isn't Friday and at least i can try to call the POC tomorrow to confirm.