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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by subvet661, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Hello all, i've just come across this forum - its great.

    My son is going into his senior year at HS and is considering AROTC. He is planning on a major in Accounting. Our first question. In order to sit for the CPA exam in most states, you need to finish 150 s.h. as undergrad or grad school. In most cases this would require a year in grad school and get a MAcc (this typically takes one calendar year). Would the army allow a kind of "delayed entry" so he could take the extra year's classes?
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    No...Army ROTC will be training your son to be an Army Officer. There are no jobs for a second lieutenant (what your son will be when he graduates) that require a CPA. There are probably some jobs that he may go into at about the four year mark where it may be helpful to have a CPA, and if the Army needs your son to do that at that time they may send him to grad school or advanced civil schooling. There are no guarantees that your son will even serve in the finance corp, so make sure your son is doing the right thing. If he will jump off a roof if he can't get his CPA in 5 years than he needs to think twice about Army ROTC. If he thinks accounting and being an Army Officer might be some things he might want to do he should enroll in Army ROTC freshman year and see how it goes. If he dead set on being an Army Officer and thinks accounting is a good major apply for the scholarship and make sure Army ROTC is on the schedule whether he has a scholarship or not.
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