AROTC Recipient but USMA...?


Feb 1, 2018
Hello everyone!
I received a 4-year scholarship to three very competitive ivys (I have not been admitted to any yet). I am also a Principal nominee to the United States Military Academy. I am still not 100% sure on what path I am going go on.

However, the deadline to notify AROTC to accept my scholarship is March 8th (that is before I hear back from any Ivy's).

My question is:

If I were to accept the ARMY ROTC scholarship, does that mean that I cannot rescind it if I choose to attend USMA?

I am in a little time crunch here. I do not know if I will hear back from West Point before march 8th and am currently very worried.

Please let me know what others think!

Thank you so much!
Accept the AROTC scholarship.

It is not binding (until you sign the DA-597-3 contract when you show up and pass the APFT.)

Once you receive the USMA appointment, you can then notify the PMS or ROO at the college that you have been appointed to West Point and there will be no harm, no foul.
/\ I concur 100%

Don't waste anytime, accept the Scholarship to the school you wish to attend, If you do not receive an appointment to WP then you're covered, if by some chance you are not admitted to your school of choice you can request a transfer of your scholarship. If you receive an appointment then you have until you report to Beast to rescind the scholarship offer with no issues at all.

Congratulations on your scholarship and good luck with your appointment.

There are many threads on this board regarding the decision to attend either WP or ROTC, feel free to ask any questions regarding your decision.
Awesome ... I’d say you are going into the Army ... the only question is which path you choose. Congrats! ... you have earned the opportunity... but be humble ... and make the most of it ... USMA is a lotto ticket ... opportunities no Ivy or other civilian university can offer ... good federal funding ... I mean, Army helos daily for the jump team? C’mon man! ... and Ivies via AROTC? ... What an opportunity! ... can pay off for Active Duty or post-active duty and/or grad school ... the world is your oyster ... no bad choices ... use it ... make us proud ... serve your country!