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    Just discovered this site recently, really appreciate all the questions and comments from posters on this forum. DS applied in time for second board, status is still boarded. Found the process a bit daunting as we’re not a military family and are total newbies. DS interviewed at our in-state university and was forthcoming about his ED acceptance at an out-of-state SMC. DS is planning to contact the ROO at his SMC but wants to be sure he is asking appropriate questions. Are the school ROOs able to provide an idea of where an applicant is in the standings, e.g., oh-so-close, middle of the pack, or LOL? Saw the ROTC Scholarship Interview Sheet posted by jcleppe about a week ago (thank you!). Is the ROO able to divulge points assigned in the scholar, athlete, leader sections? Once an applicant has been boarded, is the applicant able to make any updates to application data? Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.
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    1. There's no way to know. Also, keep in mind that there will be new applicants added to the pack before the 3rd board and your DS position on listing could go up or down from where they were after the second board.

    2. The results of the interview scoring are not supposed to be revealed. However, every now and again you will see a poster state that they were told at the time of the interview that they maxed it. That being said, I would NOT ask if the information was not offered at the time of the interview. It's my understanding that the ROO at the SMC would not have access to that information.

    3. It used to be that applicants could change their test scores and order of their school selections after the application had been submitted (and those are the ONLY two things that could be changed). However, there have been changes to the application process this year and I have seen more than one poster claim that they either were not able to change the order of their schools or had problems changing the order of their schools. I'm not sure, but I think most of the problem centered around people trying to change things too close to the date that the board was going to meet. My son changed the order of his schools after going on a campus tour and didn't have a problem. But, it was quite a bit out from the date that the first board was scheduled to meet. I don't recall anyone stating they had problems updating their test scores, though. If you do change a test score, make sure it uploads properly into the application. My son had to contact CC to get them to correct his ACT score after he had retaken the test.

    Welcome to the forum and I wish you the best of luck!
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    Congratulations to your son on his SMC acceptance. I don't know if this will help to allay your anxiety (and believe me, many of us have been there), but various applicants for admission to SMCs have been awarded AROTC scholarships in the first two boards, and some of them posted their stats. You may want to use the Search function for comparative purposes.

    It's been suggested that the bulk of scholarships are yet to be awarded, which could mean that the first two boards applied higher standards than the third may use.

    Since he has already been accepted (and, presumably, obligated to attend) through Early Decision, I assume the out-of-state interview you mentioned was with a PMS or ROO in connection with the ROTC scholarship application process. In that case, the SMC would have been the only school he applied to. If so, the best thing to do at this point would be to prepare Plan B in the event the scholarship does not come through. Best wishes and good luck.

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