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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by USN16x, Apr 22, 2014.

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    I was awarded a 4-Year arotc scholarship and was wondering on how the finances will work. I understand that my benefits will not begin until I pass the apft, so will my parents have to pay the bill and be reimbursed once I pass the apft? I emailed my battalion about this, just wondering if anyone can help me understand the process.
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    First off congratulations. Here is how it worked for my DS.

    Couple of days before school started DS took and passed his AFPT. A few days later he was sworn in and signed his contract. About a week later his tuition showed as paid. The following week he started to receive his stipend and book money. A lot of how smoothly this goes depends on the unit's HR person. Our guy is very good. I would contact the burser's office and let them know about the scholarship. They have a procedure already in place to deal with ROTC scholarships. My advice is train,train,train... Max the AFPT with PROPER form. Show up in regs ( haircut, no piercings, proper PT gear...). You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you have time this summer I would google SF-86 form and start to complete it. Also to contract you will have to have a 109-R completed with the help of an advisor and signed off by your unit. Good Luck:thumb:
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    The biggest hurdle you will have to overcome regarding funding is when you contract. Because money wont move until you are contracted AND have all of your paperwork squared away - regardless if you completely destroy the APFT.

    +1 to sheriff regarding the SF-86 (security clearance form). However ... just to give you a heads up, if you think it was a pain doing the paper version, just wait until you do the online version .... a lot more annoying. Also ... one thing to take note of when filling out SF-86. Now, either I missed this or it's not listed in the paper version, for SF-86 there are multiple places where it requires you to put down references/contacts. Make sure you DO NOT duplicate any of the references; only one person may be used once for the entire form (... except for unemployment, that's the only one that can be duplicated - at least that's what my HR told me).

    Also sheriff - did you mean [CCF] 104-R, and not "109-R"?

    And congratulations on winning a 4 year!
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    This is a school specific question. Some schools are OK with waiting on the Army to pay them and some aren't. Paragraph 1. a. 3. of the contract talks about how your tuition will be paid. If your school isn't cool with the 45 day thing you may have to pay up front and be reimbursed. I don't know of any school that isn't cool with waiting on that money, but there may be one or two. So, you have about 45 days before anyone will get real excited. The school may even be kind enough to wait past those 45 days for DODMERB, or you to do enough situps, or to get that waiver for the stupid thing you did in junior high. Bottom line is this is something you need to ask your new Battalion, and you need to make sure you follow their directions and do what they ask.

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