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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Cadet257, Aug 14, 2016.

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    The order of the steps of the AROTC Scholarship process is a bit unclear, so I just want to reaffirm that my understanding is correct.
    1. Finish online application
    2. Take PFT and have coach submit it
    3. Send ACT/SAT and transcript, GPA
    4. Wait to be contacted for interview
    5. Wait to hear from board
    Thanks for the help.
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    That's essentially the process. I might add to go visit/tour and meet the cadre in the schools you are seriously interested in attending. I'm a firm believer that it can open doors down the road. Some schools even have a process for having cadets spend the night with other ROTC cadets and allowing you to participate in a lab (field day). My son was able to do that at Gonzaga.
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    I wouldn't wait to be contacted for an interview, you should decide which school would be best to conduct the interview, and if you haven't already been in contact with them- email the ROO and ask if you can set up an appointment.
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    I would say that under step #4, that you should not wait to be contacted for an interview, but you should be proactive to reach out to the ROO (Recruiting officer) at your top choice University to schedule your interview once step 1-3 are done. If it is not feasible for you to travel the distance to your #1 school due to cost, then you should choose a university nearby where you can have the interview. If that is the case, then still insure you contact the ROO at your top school choice to get to know him/her and keep an open line of communication.
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    4. Call PMS for interview
    (DD did not interview with PMS of her #1 school but had met the ROO twice.)
    5. Visit schools and meet ROOs
    (Very Very Important! You want your # 1 and #2 school ROO to remember you!! Send a note of thanks after visiting ROO)
    6. Make list of schools with intended major
    (DD changed her mind about her major mid month BF application was due so we had to look at all new schools)
    7. Wait to hear from board
    (This a killer!! You'll know the list is out bc this board will blow up!! It is so hard to wait bc literally if your child receives a scholarship you have just won the lottery!!)
    T-Minus 5 days before college move in!!
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    You won't be prompted to do interview until you submit transcripts and test grades.

    Once you do your status will change to "interviewee".

    Once that happens you should reach out to a school to schedule your interview. Scheduling that interview is on you.
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