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    DS is Rat at VMI...part of the AROTC and not on ROTC Scholarship...apparently received an email that if he wanted to apply for an ROTC Scholarship for next year, he had until Tuesday for the resume and other aspects (medical, photo, interview) by Thursday. He did not pass the push up requirement when he tested once for it and is confident he could pass it now. However essentially out of time...he has emails in to the AROTC there at VMI and will talk to them tomorrow. I have been looking through various places to see if there is anything else he can apply for scholarship/ROTC wise but haven't found any deadline info to know if too late for next year or not. We are out of state so any assistance is good assistance...ideas? :scratch:
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    campus based scholarships are handled by the ROTC Battalion. There is not a application process, it is a matter of submitting the information asked for by the unit that they will use to establish their Order of Merit list. In my case at Clarkson I had my freshmen who were interested in competing provide a simple form, I downloaded their file from the high school process, and I offered for them to interview before a panel of cadre and cadets. Once that was done the PMS determined who would get offers or be forwarded on our OML to compete for Brigade money.

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