AROTC second board questions


Mar 6, 2017
Hello all!

I have a question on whether or not I will be able to make the second board deadline. I've submitted everything but have yet to take the physical test and have the interview. I've scheduled the physical test for January 2nd. Do I have to have my physical test completed in order to a schedule an interview or can I schedule one beforehand? Thank you!
You might want to call the ROTC program you want to interview at and ask that question. Some PMSs might be willing to schedule your interview without having a PFT score posted. Some might not have any pity on you and tell you no. If you were asking to interview at Clarkson I’d tell you we’ll schedule your interview, but I expect to see that score before we conduct the interview.
My DD's experience was exactly how ClarksonArmy described it, she scheduled the interview and was told she had to have her signed fitness test with her for the interview. I would recommend trying to schedule it after January 2nd and before the deadline.