AROTC Site Intermittent Errors


Sep 12, 2016
So I've nearly finished my application for an army rotc 4-year scholarship and of course, yesterday I received a notification on the site's dashboard that they're doing periodic maintenance. Today when I reminded the coach who had administered my pt test to submit it, he received error messages and upon checking my application, I have nothing for the pt test. I'd like for him to submit it today because I'm doing my PMS interview tomorrow although I think I can still interview without it being submitted? Should I just not worry about it and have him try to submit it again later in the week or should I ask him to fax it/print it out for tomorrow? Any thoughts are appreciated, I'm just apprehensive being so close to having it all finished. Thanks :)
I would have your coach continue to try to submit the results. I would also ask him to fax or email the results to the PMS so that he can have them for your interview.