1. C

    Transfer of 3 Year National Scholarship from 2nd Brigade to 5th Brigade

    So I just recently finished my freshman year/MS1 year at Syracuse University and have decided that the school and program are not for me. I've made the decision to transfer from Syracuse to the University of Utah along with my 3 Year AROTC National Scholarship. I have already discussed the...
  2. FØB Zero

    Report scholarship to FAFSA?

    I remember reading that FAFSA wants students to report all scholarships even as they come along. I just decided I will be using the 4yr AROTC scholarship; do I have to report this to FAFSA now?
  3. FØB Zero

    Exchange student at academy

    I know people at academies can stay at another academy for a semester. Do ROTC cadets have an option to stay at an academy? If not, what opportunities are there to work with SA cadets/on SA campus?
  4. FØB Zero

    Posts after AROTC?

    I heard at USMA posts are chosen/ranked by the cadets... how are posts assigned after AROTC? Are there certain jobs assigned for the posts or...? ALSO will there still be that new branching system in place where AROTC and USMA cadets will equally compete for jobs in 2025?
  5. FØB Zero

    ROTC Scholarship - accept or reject

    I have wonderful financial aid from my university. However, I also earned the AROTC scholarship. Should I reject and give it to someone who may actually need it? In that case my service commitment would only be 3 years as well, so in the situation I would like to move to a civilian career I...
  6. FØB Zero


    I’ve read a lot of thread on this, but what are your opinions on Army officers from ROTC vs West Point? I’ve seen controversial things. Ie: ROTC grads are ready to work since they’ve been more chill through college but I’ve also heard USMA grads are better leaders (bc of their experience). Would...
  7. J

    AROTC Contracting Timeline

    I am currently a freshman in college who won a 3-year national scholarship for Army ROTC, I have enjoyed my first year in the program and want to stick with it. That being said, I am still not contracted and I might not be able to contract for some time now because I just got some medical...
  8. FØB Zero

    SA vs ROTC

    Trying to make a decision, but really lost bc I love both paths.... especially since they both end up same place. Please comment all pros and cons for both that you think of with a little bit of detail. Thanks!
  9. FØB Zero

    AROTC “School of Intent” Ranking Advice

    Hi, I am hesitant on how I should rank my schools (especially since I haven’t been able to visit any or their units due to COVID). I have an Ivy League school marked as number one (where I probably won’t be accepted), but my 2nd choice is a little bit of a reach (40% acceptance rate) and I LOVE...
  10. Midwestern111

    What is it like joining AROTC your sophomore year?

    Hello all, I am planning on enlisting in the National Guard in the next few months (split option training) and I am also interested in AROTC at my school as an SMP cadet. Can anyone give me insight as to what it's like joining as a sophomore when most join as a freshman? How is being an SMP...
  11. B

    No Response From PMS AROTC

    I only have my PMS interview left for my AROTC Scholarship portal. I contacted both the PMS and the Assistant PMS at my closest unit listed on my application portal and neither have responded. If I don’t get a response within another day or two, should I reach out to the officers at the next...
  12. K

    Applying to ROTC in Freshman Year

    I'm currently a freshman in college and I'm considering joining either AROTC or AFROTC with a scholarship, but I'm wondering about the likelihood of getting in, things I should be aware of, as well as any differences between ROTC and service academies aside from the setting at typical colleges...
  13. FØB Zero

    PMS Interview not being scheduled

    Howdy y’all. I have 5 different local schools‘ AROTC PMS numbers offered on the AROTC application. I have called all of these numbers. 3 will not pickup, and 2 say they will forward my information to the higher command (bc the Secretary pickups). I have been calling them back every 2 weeks for...
  14. FØB Zero


    Hi, I am applying to wake forest university and they clearly have an AROTC program. However, when I look for it through the scholarship app. portal, WFU is not in the drop down. How can I choose this college in my school of intent if it’s not on the list?🤔
  15. W

    Are students selected for AFROTC scholarships at specific schools or in general, for any school?

    Hey Everyone, I thought that AFROTC offered general/universal scholarships, meaning the acceptance into ROTC was independent of the school the recipient attended (of course, the school would have to offer an AFROTC program); however, in my scholarship application, the Air Force asked me to...
  16. FØB Zero

    Ranking universities

    Hello, For AROTC I decided to rank Dartmouth as my #1 choice for uni. My #2-5 choices are state schools. Since Dartmouth is so competitive and a reach for me, if I get the AROTC scholarship, but do NOT get acceptance to my #1 school am I still obliged to apply the scholarship to that school? (In...
  17. W

    Is weight a major issue for ROTC Scholarships?

    Hi Everyone, I am 5 feet and 8.5 inches tall and weigh about 133-134 lbs (although, as a bit of a late bloomer, I am still gaining height). I hope to join the AFROTC, but I also plan to apply to AROTC as well. I am looking at the weight standards for the Air Force (The Army's maximum weight is...
  18. L

    Adjustment Disorder Waiver and Grad School AROTC

    Hello all. I'm currently heading into my 4th year of undergrad and was unfortunately medically Dq'd from my Army ROTC program a few months ago. I was on a 3.5 yr scholarship and have been in the program since my freshman year. The Dq was due to a prescription for insomnia medication stemming...
  19. FØB Zero


    Howdy y’all, If I join AROTC in college, is it reasonable to still apply to my top choice of another SA branch? (Will this put me behind other applicants for USAFA/USNA? Will I still be able to get a nom from AROTC to USNA?) Thank you.
  20. C

    National Guard to West Point?

    I am currently a senior in High School who is strongly considering enlisting in the National Guard. I will do split training, as I am already enrolled in college. I was wondering if anyone could give me any insight on active duty/guard appointments to West Point. I would have applied to the USMA...