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    Hello Everyone!

    First time posting on the ROTC forum. Please bear with me.

    So I applied for the AROTC scholarship and finished the application in early February (interview and all).

    In early March I noticed my status was still "interviewee" and said my interview was pending. I contacted the officer that conducted my interview and she informed me that this was just a simple error on cadet commands part and it has happened before. She said she would contact them and assured me my application would be boarded.

    At the beginning of April my status was still unchanged so I emailed Cadet Command. They told me that my status will not change and informed me about In-College scholarship options. I promptly emailed the officer that conducted my interview. She told me that is not what they said when she talked to them and that she will contact them again.

    Now, as of about a week ago my status has changed to "boarded". I emailed the officer again regarding scholarship selection and have yet to hear back.

    I feel very idiotic right now for not taking more control of this situation. I am well aware that the last board has already past for AROTC but shouldn't there be some exception for this situation that was out of my control? I'm not even sure what that would consist of...

    I was very much hoping for the scholarship to help pay for college and right now I'm also waiting back to hear from NROTC so all of my eggs I guess are in that one basket.

    What could be the outcome regarding scholarship selection in this situation? Is there any way I can still receive one? Can my application carry over the the boards next year? Would I still be able to get a 4 year scholarship?

    Thank you so much, in advance, for all the help!
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    One of two things happened.

    Your application was on track and you were reviewed by the board and the portal just took time to change. It is not uncommon for the portal to take a long time to change. "Boarded is what the portal should have and would have shown if you were reviewed by the board. If you are not awarded a scholarship your portal would remain "Boarded" sometime in May you would receive notice that you were not selected. Cadet Command is correct in the fact that the portal does not change if you are not awarded a scholarship.

    The other possibility is that you were not reviewed by the board, I think that is unlikely since your portal now says Boarded.

    I would get back in touch with the officer that did your interview and follow up with her to see if she has any more information, do this soon because the battalions are getting busy preparing for graduation and commissioning.

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