AROTC start application

Feb 16, 2017
I know that NROTC just recently opened their application for next year but has Army already closed theirs? DS was researching on the computer bc we are not familiar with the ROTC at all, but have read quite a bit about SAs. He came to a page that said 2017-18 applications are already closed... did he miss this opportunity? Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!
No. Army opens their app later than Navy. I think it's usually around June-ish. The applications are just closed for the 2016-2017 cycle
from what i've read i think it is june 12 but don't quote me on it, that's when i'm going to submit my application anyways
First board meets in October, so no rush
Get it started in early July and you'll be fine. I'll be posting all the dates and deadlines as soon as they are released on my blog. Just want to shoot for October as long as your SAT/ACT scores are good.
DS needs to take them again in early fall. He scored 1250 on March SATs but can't take May or June bc of conflicts w/ baseball. Am I correct to assume these are on the low side to compete for a 4 year? He really wants Army or USMA.