AROTC vs. USMA for Post Selection

Aug 21, 2019
Hi all. I've read that if you place reasonably well on the AROTC OML, you have a good chance of getting the branch you want out of AROTC, similar to USMA. Let's assume that's true (or please correct me if not).

How about posts? Does AROTC get the same shot at coveted posts that USMA grads do? Or does USMA pick first once branches are determined (I know that posts are selected a few months later).

Thank you.
Dont pick a commissioning source based on posting chances. You’ll spend 3 years at a post then PCS (move). And odds are only your stuff will be there 3 years- you’ll be deployed and training in the field for more than 50% of the time. And dont judge the Army on your first posting. There are bad units at “good” posts and good units at “bad” posts.
Montana is spot on. It's the people you work with, not the location you work at. You can't pick the people you work with in the Army.
Same perspective from the Navy - I’d pick a ship with a happy crew, good CO and interesting mission in a crappy home port over an unhappy ship with an unhealthy crew and officer culture (assignment, whatever) in a great location.
I've never even heard of "pick your post." When I was commissioned we got to make a preference list, but that's as far as it went. Then, after my hardship tour (so much for "preference" :)), which BTW was a great unit, much better than my next unit at a coveted CONUS location, we got more of a say; but, again, it wasn't "pick your post." It was more like "top three."