1. B

    Application Completed, Next Step

    As depicted in the title, I have green check marks for every portion of the application to include medical and a singular nomination source -for now- from my JROTC Program. At this point, is there anything to do for submission, or am I playing the waiting game?
  2. H

    What does it take to qualify for an LOA?

    What does one need in order to receive an LOA? I know FF interviews may be a new requirement. Also, can someone still receive an LOA if they completed their entire application(including nomination)?
  3. A

    USMA CFA Score Requests

    Hello, I am currently applying to USMA, USNA, and USAFA for the class of 2024. In the CFA portion of USMA's application portal, it says that if I have already taken the test, I can request the scores from either USNA or USAFA. Does this mean that I can do the CFA for USNA or USAFA, and then...
  4. S

    Does a LOA help my chances of being medically waived?

    Hello, so I received my LOA recently and have already been asked to go to a paid visit to West Point for later this month (yayy), which is great and all but I'm very nervous about being medically disqualified. I have two conditions that I know for sure are grounds for disqualification but I was...
  5. 2

    Required or Helpful Classes/Clubs?

    Hi all, I just began my fall semester of Junior year, and am wondering if I took enough classes and extracurriculars to maximize my chances to get into either West Point or Annapolis. My schedules over the years are as follows: 3 English classes (English 1 Honors, English 2 Honors, AP Lang) 4...
  6. F

    Split Opt or Teaching

    Howdy fellow forumers, This coming summer I have been blessed with 2 amazing opportunities: 1. Teaching and supervising a summer class (4 weeks) + job as a lifeguard + retaking/improving ACT. 2. Enlisting Split opt. (17 yr old) and going through Army Basic Training (10-weeks) I am uncertain...
  7. F

    Enlisting in Army

    Howdy Y’all, I am interested in applying to USNA and USMA. However, I would also like to enlist in the army this year (split op). My recruiter told me if I decided to go USNA, I would first have to finish AIT. Since USNA BCT starts late June, is there any way I can finish my AIT before then...
  8. B

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I filled out West Point's Candidate Questionnaire a while back. I didn't even log in to my portal since then, but today I got the following email: Greetings from West Point, Based on the information you have provided us in your Candidate Questionaire, you are a highly competitive candidate...
  9. F

    Should Essays Restate Activities in Resume or Show Untold side of applicant’s Life

    Hello guys, In my essays should I reinforce the activities on my resume to further explain why I chose about those activities and what I gained from them OR are the essays to reveal a new part of one’s self/life that is not known anywhere else on the application? Thank you.
  10. F

    Special Olympics L/S

    Hey y’all, I was the special olympics team captain for a month and I’m curious if there is a section where I would mark for “sports team captain”, does this count? Thank you!
  11. F

    Class size

    Good afternoon all, I go to a high school with ~300+ students in each grade level. Thus, It is very competitive to attain the “big leadership positions” such as class officer / team captain in my school. Is this as a large, small, or average class size? And I assume they put the class size I nto...
  12. U

    USMAPS before USMA?

    Hey y’all, I am wondering if I should aim for the prep school (USMAPS/MMI/NMI) before West Point. Coming out of high school, I have no military back ground in my family and no military experience, and not much technical military knowledge so I feel that this would put me behind in West Point...
  13. P

    Any tips on what I should work to improve on?

    GPA - 3.9/4.33 (Taken or will take "hard" AP's before graduation such as Chem, Physics 1, Physics C, Calculus, Psych, United States History, Environmental Science, Human Geography) Act - 33 super score (32 Math/English/Reading, 35 Science, 8 writing) Wrestling JV - 10th grade V- 11th, 12th...
  14. Jgbmom

    Joined in 2011 as a parent - now a grad mom

    I joined the Service Academy Forum in 2011 to assist my son's information gathering efforts regarding the United States Military Academy admissions, nominations, appointments, alternate choices, etc. The forums are amazing and the administrators do an amazing job to keep it real, objective and...
  15. C

    Struggling with athletics participation

    Hey all, USMA Class of 2024 applicant here. I’ve been looking at the WCS scores and percent composition of the application, and I saw that athletics is worth 10%. I am a physically fit person and expect to do well on the CFA, since I’ve looked at the average and maximum scores. However, my...
  16. W

    Dress socks

    I apologize ahead of time for yet another socks and underwear thread, but I am wondering what socks to get for beast. The packing list specifies all-black dress socks with no logos, but I don't know what the best brand is to buy for use with low quarters. Does anyone with more experience have...
  17. birdwatcher4125

    Uniform patches for Cadet Basic Training

    Greetings to all, My DS and I were reviewing what was left to buy for his BEAST packing list when we realized that we hadn't ordered his extra uniform patches yet. Well, we tried to access the recommended uniform website (, but the website appears to be no-more...
  18. R

    AROTC vs. Academies

    I posted about this same dilemma about a year ago, and I have to start with a summary before I get down to the questions. Attending any of the academies was the only thing that I wanted to do the entirety of high school. I had a very competitive application built up, but ended up moving high...
  19. G

    Question about Law and Legal Studies Degree

    2023 Appointee, here. I've been thinking about majors and came across the Law and Legal studies degree. That subject has always interested me, but outside of the military I can't think of any use that degree would be, aside from prep for Law School. Is this essentially a pure PreLaw degree with...
  20. L

    My chances?

    Good evening all. I'm currently at NAPS but feel that West Point is the better fit for me along with a career in the army. I applied for the 4 year ROTC scholarship and recieved it for WVU. I will be taking a general engineering course load for the next year (2019-2020). With a year at NAPS...