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    AROTC vs. USMA for Post Selection

    Hi all. I've read that if you place reasonably well on the AROTC OML, you have a good chance of getting the branch you want out of AROTC, similar to USMA. Let's assume that's true (or please correct me if not). How about posts? Does AROTC get the same shot at coveted posts that USMA grads do...
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    USMA or USAFA I want to hear opinions of those that have been/are going

    I’ve been accepted to both USAFA and USMA. I have the difficult decision of deciding which one I will go to. This question is based on academy experience. (I know that the academy experience is a small part of what you actually go for...which is the career choice but I’m stuck because I can see...
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    I am a junior in high school and with: 3.7 GPA Class of 2021 Secretary Varsity Boy's Tennis Model UN National Honors Society Internship at Mayor's Office I have gotten a 4 on AP Human Geography, 4 on AP World, 4 on AP Art History, 3 on AP Biology, I am currently taking AP Seminar and AP English...
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    VP Nomination

    I have received congressional nominations to USAFA and USNA from my local rep, and I am waiting to find out if I get a nomination from my senator for USNA or USMA. I am concerned that I will not get my senator's nomination to USMA, and it has, over time, become my first choice. I applied for the...
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    Request for Information; 7th Semester Transcripts

    Questions, I checked my USMA portal this morning to find a new official correspondence from admissions which indicated and I quote "This letter is to inform you of your current file status. As of the date noted above, the following item(s) are missing": with my 7th semester transcripts...
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    When do nominations come out?

    Does anyone know if each congressman releases his/her notifications at the same time? Or will some be notified sooner than others?
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    Anyone receive nominations yet?

    Good evening! I just wanted to ask regarding the timeline of receiving nominations and this point, I have everything complete in my application, and my liaison officer told me that all is just the waiting game now. Has anyone received any nominations yet? Or when have...
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    Information Session

    Hello, I am attending the information session for the Army-Navy game tomorrow in Philadelphia. I was wondering what to expect and what to wear. I wasn’t sure if this was a formal event or if it is more casual.
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    Enlisted to West Point

    I am looking for some insight from Soldier applicants who gained direct admission to USMA. Some background: I had an unimpressive ACT score (28), HS GPA and class rank (3.4, probably around the 50 percentile class rank). Enlisted in the Army NG, flipped the switch and started crushing my...
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    What are my acceptance chances? (Class of 2026 Hopeful)

    I am currently a sophomore at a high school with 850+ kids. I am in the top 10% of my class and have an unweighted GPA of 4.0 (weighted is about 4.65). I am currently enrolled in AP US and AP Lang and plan on taking at least 6 more AP classes. I play JV football and do winter and spring track...
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    Application Completed, Next Step

    As depicted in the title, I have green check marks for every portion of the application to include medical and a singular nomination source -for now- from my JROTC Program. At this point, is there anything to do for submission, or am I playing the waiting game?
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    What does it take to qualify for an LOA?

    What does one need in order to receive an LOA? I know FF interviews may be a new requirement. Also, can someone still receive an LOA if they completed their entire application(including nomination)?
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    USMA CFA Score Requests

    Hello, I am currently applying to USMA, USNA, and USAFA for the class of 2024. In the CFA portion of USMA's application portal, it says that if I have already taken the test, I can request the scores from either USNA or USAFA. Does this mean that I can do the CFA for USNA or USAFA, and then...
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    Does a LOA help my chances of being medically waived?

    Hello, so I received my LOA recently and have already been asked to go to a paid visit to West Point for later this month (yayy), which is great and all but I'm very nervous about being medically disqualified. I have two conditions that I know for sure are grounds for disqualification but I was...
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    Required or Helpful Classes/Clubs?

    Hi all, I just began my fall semester of Junior year, and am wondering if I took enough classes and extracurriculars to maximize my chances to get into either West Point or Annapolis. My schedules over the years are as follows: 3 English classes (English 1 Honors, English 2 Honors, AP Lang) 4...
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    Split Opt or Teaching

    Howdy fellow forumers, This coming summer I have been blessed with 2 amazing opportunities: 1. Teaching and supervising a summer class (4 weeks) + job as a lifeguard + retaking/improving ACT. 2. Enlisting Split opt. (17 yr old) and going through Army Basic Training (10-weeks) I am uncertain...
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    Enlisting in Army

    Howdy Y’all, I am interested in applying to USNA and USMA. However, I would also like to enlist in the army this year (split op). My recruiter told me if I decided to go USNA, I would first have to finish AIT. Since USNA BCT starts late June, is there any way I can finish my AIT before then...
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    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I filled out West Point's Candidate Questionnaire a while back. I didn't even log in to my portal since then, but today I got the following email: Greetings from West Point, Based on the information you have provided us in your Candidate Questionaire, you are a highly competitive candidate...
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    Should Essays Restate Activities in Resume or Show Untold side of applicant’s Life

    Hello guys, In my essays should I reinforce the activities on my resume to further explain why I chose about those activities and what I gained from them OR are the essays to reveal a new part of one’s self/life that is not known anywhere else on the application? Thank you.
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    Special Olympics L/S

    Hey y’all, I was the special olympics team captain for a month and I’m curious if there is a section where I would mark for “sports team captain”, does this count? Thank you!