1. C

    USAFA vs. USMA for Med School

    Hello all, I am currently applying to both the USMA and USAFA for class of 2026. I am currently interested in a career in the medical field. As of right now, I am trying to find the best option between USAFA and USMA in terms of chances of being able to enter Medical School right out of the...
  2. L

    Shining Low Quarters?

    Hi everyone, I understand that we will need to bring a pair of black leather low quarters to R-Day. Should we plan on shining them before we get to R-Day? I understand we should break them in and am familiar with shining shoes through JROTC. Will shining them before I get to the Academy save me...
  3. O

    Virtual Informational Seminars - Ohio - Hosted by Senators Brown and Portman

    The offices of Senator Rob Portman and Senator Sherrod Brown will be co-hosting four informational nights regarding the service academy application process. Due to COVID-19, the seminars will be held virtual this year. We are offering four dates, April 20th, April 27th, April 29th, and May 6th...
  4. MrSTOCK

    APFT at Beast

    My FFR confirmed that the class of 2025 will be taking the APFT at Beast, as seen in the 1st admissible mailing. What he told me: “the APFT - - not the ACFT - - will be the physical fitness testing format at CBT. If you are wondering why USMA is using a test that is not being used by the Army...
  5. US2021


    will we be grouped with people from our hometown? do cadets from same states usually all know each other? Thx
  6. L

    Club Sports

    Recently, I received an appointment for the USMA class of 2025. I have been very excited and thinking a lot about the opportunities that I will have at the Academy. Lacrosse has been a big part of my life and I have played all through high school. Unfortunately, I am not at the level to play...
  7. V

    NROTC Scholarship Reflection

    Hello all, I am a current 4/C MIDN at Virginia Tech. I was in the college program until yesterday, I was just awarded a 4 year National Scholarship (thankfully). Paying for college out of pocket was getting very old. As I search through these forums, I see a lot of stress about GPA and SAT...
  8. A

    Is my GPA good for USMA 2026?

    GPA 3.99/4.47 Class rank 2nd School rank 3rd
  9. A

    Is my CFA good for USMA 2026?

    BBThrow 97ft Pull ups 17 Shuttle 8.2 Sit ups 89 Push Ups 70 Mile run 5:55
  10. U

    Current Female CO 2024 - It's that time again! Ask me anything!

    Hey guys! It's me again - I've posted on this forum before, probably 2 or 3 months ago, and answered any questions that y'all had about West Point, R-Day, being a plebe, etc. I figured it was probably time for another one, considering so many of you are receiving your appointments, or are...
  11. T

    How much sleep does an average West Point cadet get?

    Pretty much as the title says. Also, does your sleep schedule change over the weekends or summer training?
  12. B

    Waiver Process

    Hey all. I recently began the waiver process, and I have submitted all the pertinent information I can muster. For those who finished the waiver process at some point, how long did the decision take for you? Thank you!
  13. B

    High ALT on blood test

    Hey all! I recently turned in a blood test that had slightly elevated levels of ALT. Everywhere I research, I cannot find any mention of ALT in military regulations so I was wondering if anyone also had high ALT or other liver enzymes, and if so, what was your experience? Thank you
  14. E

    USMA Taekwondo

    Hi, I am applying to the USMA this year and have a question about blackbelt certificate submission. I got a Taekwondo 2nd Dan in my junior year and wrote this in the CAR. CAR says that I have to submit the blackbelt certificate to the USMA admissions office if I have one, but does not state...
  15. FØB Zero

    Engineering Difficulty

    i’m considering doing engineering (major) at a SA. At USAFA, their engineering majors are the hardest, most time-consuming ones there. Are the engineering majors at USMA exceptionally difficult too (relative to other majors)? which majors in general are the most difficult and is the rigor...
  16. MrSTOCK

    Double Nomination

    I asked this question in the 2025 nominations thread already, but I figured I would get more answers making my own post. I received two nominations in my portal this morning with the code “OR61”. Meaning this is from one of my senators. Is a double nomination common with senators? And does it...
  17. E

    LOA and Appointment timeline

    My DS received an LOA to USMA in August. Since then, candidate has become medically qualified from DODMERB, passed the CFA (green checkmark and "passed" shown in the portal), and received a congressional nomination in late December. DS has not received a 3Q letter (is this necessary?) DS has...
  18. US2021

    Best Prep.

    Hi everybody, I regrettably decided that the Army branch was the best fit for me too late in the nomination application process and am planning on reapplying. Speaking on what would prepare me best for the academic (chem major), physical, and emotional demands at USMA, what are your...
  19. US2021

    Applied after nomination: results

    In my last post I discussed how I initially was only going to apply to USNA and indicated that on nominations. (Received noms to USNA early dec), but by then decided Army is more down my alley. Unfortunately though, there are no more slots for USMA bc my district is so competitive. What can I...