1. Q

    Quick question about BCT

    Good morning everyone, I was just wondering, are you allowed to wear a watch during Basic Cadet Training at USMA, and if so, what kind of watches? Thank you!
  2. O

    Virtual Informational Seminar - OH-12

    The office of Congressman Troy Balderson (OH-12) will host a virtual informational night regarding the service academy application process. We are offering the presentation on October 13th from 6-8p.m. Registration is required. Interested participants should email
  3. F

    will these cfa numbers pass?

    Hello, I am a recruited athlete and just got my LOA, however , I'm worried about my cfa numbers. Would these pass? BB throw: 38 ft flex arm hang- 15 sec push up- 50 (max) sit up- 50 shuttle run- 10.5 mile- 7:45
  4. D

    Recruited athlete- Official Visit Question

    I’m taking an official visit very very soon. Does anyone has any insight on what usually happens during one of these? Will I receive an offer at the end like what happens on other official visits? For context my application is 100% finished and I’m officially medically qualified. I only need a...
  5. K

    Graduate School Directly After College/NROTC

    I am interested in attending graduate school (with interests in pursuing either a MPP, MPA, or MGA) right after I complete my undergraduate studies and receive my commission from NROTC. I want to know what are the possibilities of the Navy allowing me to do this, and what the commonality of...
  6. F

    Disposable Camera at Beast?? Help!

    I am looking to send a disposable camera with my boyfriend for R Day (tomorrow) but know that they are very strict about what you can/can't bring. I do not want to get him into any trouble and have not been able to find any answers online. The CBT packing list says no electronics, but does not...
  7. C

    CBT Platoons

    I have heard from a few different cadet candidates that they have received their assigned platoon for CBT. I've been looking all over the portal and I can't find this info. Where can I?
  8. annabel.h

    Medical DQ and Rejection Questions - USMA

    I just received my medical DQ and what I’m pretty sure is a rejection letter from WestPoint. I will attach an image of the letter. I had high hopes of going, and had received two nominations (one senatorial, one congressional) but had about 3-4 medical disqualifications. I passed the CFA exams...
  9. M

    What to bring to R-Day?

    What to bring to R-Day?
  10. Z

    Appointment After Nomination

    I received a congressional nomination in the mail today and can see it in my portal; I'm absolutely stoked! Does anyone know roughly how long it takes before admissions will notify me with their decision concerning an appointment? I also have an LOE: does this make their decision quicker? Thanks!
  11. S

    I cannot fit physics into my schedule, what should I do?

    Hello, Here’s a little background on me. I am a sophomore in college on a full ride through merit based scholarships. I plan on enlisting in the guard for the fall semester and taking a semester of school to go to OSUT. After I have a assurance letter that I will be accepted into the ROTC...
  12. FØB Zero

    Food during BEAST

    How often do cadets eat during beast? Most cadets lose weight so what factors in to this? Are the eating times very rushed or is there less food given or is it simply a combination of extreme exercise and stress? Is that weight often gained back during the academic year?
  13. FØB Zero

    ROTC v USMA summer opportunities

    Hi, i was wondering if there are summer camps/opportunities that are strictly for USMA kiddos— I.e. Camp Buckner/CFT allows ROTC cadets based on merit, correct? What about air assault, etc.? If so, how competitive is it to get selected (from ROTC)?
  14. FØB Zero

    Boots (and comfort in them)

    Just got oakleys ~last week. First time I wore them they tore up the backs of my heels. Wore them again yesterday and they reopened the scabs. Is this normal when breaking them in? What can I do to prevent this/further blistering?
  15. FØB Zero

    How to be Successful and Stand out in AROTC

    Hi, Post YOUR input/opinions/advice! What can I do as a freshman and then in the next 3 years to standout and get a good rank? Anything from character/Integrity to academics… what should be prioritized etc. And what kind of cadets are most successful?
  16. FØB Zero

    Company, platoon, squad organization

    I looked up a little bit about this but would like some clarification for USMA. How close are cadets of the same platoon (during beast and academic year)? Do they compete between one another? How many are in each platoon? What about cadets in the same squad? Do they mix these groupings around...
  17. M

    Working out at Westpoint

    Hey all! I was just recently accepted into Westpoint and I have a more niche question for past and current cadets. How much time is there for voluntary workouts in a typical day? I love weightlifting and I would love to continue at Westpoint. Thanks!
  18. C

    Marine to USMA?

    Hey, I was curious about: Is it possible to go from Marines to West Point? Also, if it's not possible, do I keep my time when switching from USMC to Army? I am not yet enlisted into the Marines, but I know I want to be one, however, I also want to go to college afterwards, but I've heard and...
  19. US2021

    Unliked by Cadre

    I will be going to beast this month. There is one cadre/yuk that I had conflict with before— Will I be In contact with him as a plebe? He is my ex GF’s older brother and said he would find me there and make beast harder for me. Should I be concerned?
  20. FØB Zero

    Exchange student at academy

    I know people at academies can stay at another academy for a semester. Do ROTC cadets have an option to stay at an academy? If not, what opportunities are there to work with SA cadets/on SA campus?