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    How hard is it to get a full four-year scholarship for AROTC compared to getting accepted to West Point?

    And my other question is how well my resume looks for the scholarship. I have a 3.83 unweighted GPA, all AP and college credit classes that my school offers, ranked 9 of 53, 23 on ACT, cross country team for 3 years (1 varsity letter and captain), will be on track team this semester, over 160 service hours, part of student government, and have a part time job during the school year (about 20 hours a week).

    Thanks for reply in advance.
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    Participate in a test prep program like Huntington Learning Center and take the ACT again. HLC will give you a diagnositc ACT test. You then tell them what score you would like to see on the real test, and they will tell you how many hours of private tutoring you need to get you there. They truly are pros at this (they teach you substance, not format/strategies).
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    You posted this same question in a previous post. My answer then was to try and take the ACT again and get a 24 composite or above. Remember they take the best scores from each time you take the test. A score of 24 or above will help your cause a lot. As far as the rest of your stats go you look pretty good. A lot will depend on which schools you list on the application. The more competitive the school the more competitive the scholarship is. Keep your grades up and, stay in student government or other leadership positions, and make sure you list all your activities on your application.

    Just as an example, my son received a scholarship on the first board in October. His raw stats were:

    GPA 3.55 u/w
    ACT 24
    He had a lot of athletics and captain of 2 teams
    Eagle Scout
    360 community service hours
    Leadership stats off the charts.

    So as you see they do not just look at the raw numbers, they look at the whole person. Still the 24 ACT or above is important.

    I read that you a junior in high school so the soonest you will be able to start the application will be this spring....sometime in Feb. I believe.

    Contact a ROO from a school you would like to attend and meet with them, they will help explain the process and give you a wealth of information.

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