AROTC - What Happens After Commissioning?

I am willing to bet my Myrtle that Jcleppe (Army) and myself (AF) as proud parents of 2012 commissioned officers will live the next yr with baited breath everytime they have sim, or flight.

I will guarantee it! :shake:

Is UPT where air force pilots learn to show up late, miss ramps-down times, break their aircraft when they don't feel like flying, and plan overseas flights from the 31st through the 1st to get two months tax free? Or is that what SFT is for? :biggrin:
Actually Scout if I recall correctly they teach all of those thing at FTU :shake: They also teach them at FTU, PT is playing 18 holes of golf and lifting a beer at the O'Club when you finish the course!

The saddest thing in the AF is that they have changed the rule regarding tax free pay, now it is only certain locations and the 1st 5K is still taxable, so you can no longer do that in and out timed TDY. I think that disappeared when they also stopped doing the 80% TDY pay before you went TDY. Those were the days!

Worse yet you can't do the TDY to buy your car overseas, that use to be a thing. Go overseas and buy a new car to be picked up stateside to avoid the taxes.
Thank you sprog and Pima for taking the time to explain to me! This is all so fascinating!