Asthma adn USMA

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by cmccollum93, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Ok, first I'll lay out all the details. I'll start from when I was an infant. My first doctor did not want to diagnose me with asthma, because he thought it was just a small breathing problem and nothing serious; but then he retired and a new doctor took his place and then I went in while I was sick and had some breathing problems and she diagnosed me with asthma when I think I was 6 maybe. So she prescribed me with advair(preventative med) and albuderol(rescue inhaler), and since then I've had these meds, yet I haven't been using them in the past few years and have been fine. My next appointment with my doctor, I'm going to get off the inhalers officially. Now I am running cross country and am swimming for my school without any problems whatsoever. I can run 5-6 miles without any issues. Now I presume I'll be DQed for having medications after age 12, but how are my chances for getting a waiver?

    BTW, I'm a rising junior

    All I want to do is serve this beautiful nation, and have wanted that ever since I was a kid and I really don't want that dream to be taken away simply because I had a history of asthma.
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    You need to send a note to Larry Mullen; he and RetNavyHM are qualified to answer your question. The rest of us can only speculate.
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