Asthma issue


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Feb 1, 2008
Okay... so here's the deal.

I'm Navy ROTC and spent my first semester as a college programmer. However, over the summer I took my DODmerb physical, since I was at the time applying to the Air Force and Naval Academies. Well, after a semster of NROTC, I've decided this is definitely for me, which is WONDERFUL since I was just awarded the NROTC leadership scholarship last week!

Here's the problem:
When filling out my medical history for my DODmerb physical I was under the impression that I was diagnosed with asthma at age 11. I thought that I was given meds, but never really much happened after that and that was the only mention of asthma in my medical history. Well, it turns out that I was NEVER diagnosed with asthma. Never, ever. It was in fact a simple bronchial infection. Much different than asthma.

So, now I'm in remidial status with DODmerb, and not sure what to do, since I obviously have never had asthma. I'm in the position of providing supporting documentation and filling out a questionaire for a condition I never actually had. I mean its great to find out that I never was in fact diagnosed with asthma, but hard since I'm not sure how to proceed.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Go Navy!
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Not a big deal, as long as you can get the medical records. The medical records will show DoDMERB that you made a mistake when filling out the history, and you can also state the same in the allergy questionnaire.

Should be easy for DoDMERB to clear that.
Yay! My DODMerb approval came through yesterday, and I am going to the unit to sign my scholarship papers tomorrow!

Agency: US Navy CSB SubAgency: 51

Admission Status Change Date: 24-JAN-2008
Current Medical Status: Qualified Unrestricted Line (as of 11-FEB-08 )
DODmerb website as to D changed today to the following:

Agency: US Air Force Academy

Admission Status Change Date: 8-FEB-2008
Current Medical Status: Commission Qualified - Medical Waiver granted (as of 25-FEB-08 ) Code Description
D241.30 Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13

One very excited D here. :thumb:
Now, where do I locate the Parent support group?:rolleyes:

Thanks for all the help you guys, especially RetNav!!!
Congrats on shedding the "D". Our S just got a D for asthma today, although he as not had any related problems for a long time. How did you approach the waiver challenge on that issue?
Congrats to your D T39Pilot!! Now the real fun can begin!!

dsk, the best thing to do would be to go through some of the old posts (do a search on asthma) to get some thoughts. Also the very best thing to do would be to have your son write a letter to the waiver authorities explaining his asthma/reactive airway disease history in his own words. Detail what medications he used, when the last time he used the medications, as well as the last time a prescription was filled (even if he never used it). Have him state what activities he currently participates in, and how the asthma/reactive airway disease affects him, if at all. This should be sent to DoDMERB, and they will forward it to the waiver authorities.