Asthma-should I even apply?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by willdec22, May 22, 2014.

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    May 22, 2014
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    Hi everyone

    I am interested in applying to USMA, but I currently have asthma.
    I am prescribed an albuterol inhaler and I use it prior to sports and exercise. I play football and throw for my track and field team, but prior to practice, I use my inhaler. If I don't and I run or do physical activity, I experience symptoms such as wheezing and trouble breathing. If I do use the inhaler, I am completely fine.

    I know that I will be disqualified, and my chances of getting a medical waiver is close to none (I think?), so should I still apply, or is not even worth it?
    My brother is a plebe at USNA, and I became interested and I really want to persue this career. Should I just start looking somewhere else, or is there something I can do?

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions for treating asthma? I've actually never gone to a pulmonologist or allergist since my parent's don't really think it would help, but is there anything else I could do?

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    Only you can answer that question for yourself. Applying is a lot of work, and even more so with the added waiver process. But the Academy is a lot of work too, so its something to get used to anyway.

    I can tell you that while you may or may not get disqualified and may or may not get a waiver if you apply, disqualifying yourself by not applying is the only guaranteed way to not get in.

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