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    Hello I am in highschool and I want to do AFROTC in college and become an army nurse. I have had exercised-induced asthma for about 5 or 6 years, but it really isn't that bad. I hardly ever use my inhaler, and if I do wheeze,I am able to control it in a couple of minutes. It also has been getter better the more I do cardio. Would this prevent me from joining the army? Is there any way I can get a waiver for it or something? Thank you!
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    With that kind of history I would say it is unlikely. The only way to get around it (that I know of) is to do an asthma test and pass it as if you didn't. What I mean is, your lung function needs to be at or better than normal so that it looks like you don't have asthma at all, then you can prove you "don't have it". As far as I know, there is no waiver for actually having asthma. Also, going this route is probably a bad idea, because it would mean that officially you dont have asthma at all.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge chimes in.
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    this is a triplicate post, 1st is in DoDMERB, 2nd in ROTC forum and now here. You are saying on each post... I am in HS and want to go AFROTC (not AFA), to become an ARMY nurse.

    DoDMERB will qual or dis-qual you. That should be where you start.

    AF will waive for AF personnel, not ARMY. Army will waive for Army and not AF.

    You need to decide if you are going AF to be an AF nurse. Or going with the hope you can x-commission to the Army.
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