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Feb 14, 2007
I got my dodmerb results today, and they read:

R120.00 - Provide all medical records regarding cholesteatoma removed from right ear
R150.00 - Provide copies of all optometry records regarding cyst removed from right eye
D155.80 - Astigmatism

For an applicant to the USCGA, are any of these threatening? My current status still says the application is under review, but I'm antsy. This process is driving me insane.

Since your file is still under review the disqualification for astigmatism hasn't been confirmed by the DoDMERB optometrist yet, but if the DoDMERB optometrist confirms that the refraction is correct and your astigmatism does exceed the standards a letter will be mailed to you stating that you are disqualified for that. For the USCGA if you are a competitive candidate your medical file will automatically be forwarded to the waiver authorities for review. The waiver will be dependent on the severity of the astigmatism, and I'm really not to familiar with what the CG will waive as far as astigmatism goes.

If a wavier is granted, or if the DoDMERB optometrist does not feel the refraction was done correctly, then a letter will be generated requesting the remedial items that are needed (the "R" codes that you listed).

The cyst on the eye (I'm going to assume that it was a cyst on the eye lid vs. on the eye directly) should not be a big deal. The cholesteoma will be.

It is possible that the reviewer will forward your case to one of the DoDMERB physicians for another disqualification for the cholesteoma since that is a "history of" disqualification. Meaning that if you've ever had it at any point in time in your life it is a disqualification. The instruction reads: "Current or history of 1) chronic otitis media beyond the 13" birthday, 2) cholesteatoma, or history of any inter or middle ear surgery (including cochlear implantation) is disqualifying. Myringotomy or successful tympanoplasty is not disqualifying."

Again, depending on the severity of the cholesteoma, whether it was repaired or not, if it was repaired, how long ago it was repaired, and if there are any residual symptoms from the repair (such as hearing loss) all affect the waiver decision.

My suggestions to you, start gathering copies of all eye exams for the past 5 years. If you can show the wavier authorities that your astigmatism has been relatively stable over the past 5 years, it can help in the wavier decision. Also gather every medical record concerning the cholesteoma. This means from the time it was discovered through to the last medical record on it. If you had surgery to correct it, get all the operative reports and follow up medical examinations. By the time you have gathered all this information DoDMERB should be done with the review of your physical exam and you should have a disqualification letter in hand. Mail all those records, as well as a letter from you stating what affects the astigmatism and cholesteoma have had on your life and activities, as well as what activities you currently participate in and mail it all to DoDMERB requesting that it gets forwarded to the wavier authority. The more information the waiver authority has to work with the easier it is for them to make a decision.

Do not give up. You've run into a hitch in the process, which will require a little more work, but if you give up you'll never know if you could have been successful. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.