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Aug 15, 2008
i just recently got a letter from the wrestling coach with 3 possible tickets to visit the school and watch a football go on an unofficial visit to west point..anyone been through this before ?
I would be greatly flattered. Take the opportunity to go and see if you like it. Remember though they will paint the most positive picture of things. Try to talk with some cadets who might be on the team and they will give you a better idea of how things are. Obviously they are interested in you as a recruit so take advantage. Good luck.:smile:
You should go. They will have you spend the night in the barracks w/ members of the team so you will be able to ask them anything...they will be honest w/ you. The recruiting weekends are fun; they typically bring several recruits up together, so you have other young people to be with who are not cadets. My son's visit included a breakfast meeting at the Thayer w/ the entire coaching staff (and the 10 recruits that came that weekend).