Attend I-Day or PPW for additional family members (beyond parents)?


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Nov 16, 2017
So if my DD's grandparents wanted to be a part of my DD's USNA milestones, would you suggest they attend I-Day or PPW or both (or neither)?
Honestly this is dependent on your family. I Day is very short and emotional. It’s a very long day and if the grandparents struggle to walk, it can make the day even more challenging. If they are up to the challenge, then not an issue. As stated before, sometimes it’s easier to leave the extra crowd at a hotel or house for the initial drop off and then bring them back. This all depends on how your family operates in most cases.

PPW is also another one that can really depend on your kid and family. Some Plebes will struggle PPW and just want to sleep and be left alone. Some can be very emotional. Others will want to go see the sites in DC and talk to everyone. If the family is open to being flexible and taking it hour by hour, then it might be fine. Most Plebes will be somewhere in the middle of the extremes. Most will want a nap, food, play video games, text friends, some tv and to relax. Can the grandparents handle this? Are they willing to adventure without you or do the DC sites before or after PPW? Eventually the mall, a movie or small adventure to Wal Mart gets done. Many just need a little space to recharge. Remember most have had zero alone time since reporting. If you have an introvert, this down time and space to recharge will be huge for them more than likely.

There is no cut and dry answer to answer. It can depend on the DD/DS, family dynamics, etc. Understand what each weekend encompasses and make the best call.
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We kept it extremely simple for our DD on I-Day. With just a few minutes to say goodbye, I’m glad it was just us and her older brother. PPW was fun for family and friends.
My son is USNA 2021 we are very thankful we chose I-day to be “parents only” and PPW for bringing up aging grandparents from Florida. I-Day was a very hot day and lots of down time before the oath of office at the end of the day. My mother would have been done hours before the ceremony. PPW much more flexibility for families.
Agree (as usual) with Hoops and the others. For I-Day, you really need very agile, active grandparents who have no mobility issues and who can handle many hours in the hot sun or pouring rain. If they meet that criteria, then it depends on your DD and your grandparents. There isn't a lot of interaction between the plebe and family on I-Day. It's a very quick good-by hug in the morning sometime between 0530 and 800, then independent activities for parents like Supe's brief, picnic, and MidStore shopping. The Oath ceremony is about 30 minutes around 5:30 pm and most have trouble picking out their kid. Then about 25 minutes to chat and say your good-byes. That's it.

PPW allows much more time with family. What I suggest is to have the grandparents come for one of the three days. That way, they can see the Yard and what your DD has accomplished. BUT, it prevents them from getting bored if your DD just wants to relax and/or prevents your DD from thinking she has to "entertain" them all WE. There will be many more opportunities during the course of the four years for them to participate in events -- depending of course on where they live. There are football games, other sporting events, parades, Commissioning week activities such as Herndon, performances (theater, choir), etc. that are generally open to the public. Or they can just come for a WE at some point at some point.