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    Being new to this forum but relatively old to the world --
    born into the age of telegrams, letters, dial phones and
    face to face contact, I have a question that might seem
    laughable to many, but which I don't know the answer to.
    The graphic thingees that people use next to their names,
    with designs of anchors or eagles or whatever, are those
    call Avatars? They seem pretty cool. Since we are all
    essentially anonymous, and using pen-names,it seems like
    attaching one is a way to personalize our posts.
    But, my questions are, first, what are they called and
    second, how, technically, do we add them to
    our posts, next to our name?

    I did google "avatar" and found these weird
    things where people take on imaginery identities. I
    got freaked out and exited really quickly. So, I
    am even not sure if avatar is the name of the graphics
    that I am asking about.

    But, whatever these things are called, is there anyone who can give
    me a little help and insight?:shake:
    Thanks in advance.
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