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    Hello everyone, I am so fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to go to West Point and am beyond excited to start this new journey.
    I am just curious what the average day of Beast is like? I know that physical fitness is a big part of it but I also know that there is so much more to Beast as well.
    Can a current or former WP grad give me some insight into what a typical day of CBT entails?

    Thank you and God bless!
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    This is a great question. Our son saw a u-tube video online that showed a few hours in the day of BEAST. We dont envy you cadets. May I ask what state you are from?
    Congratulations and God bless you as well
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    There's really not an average day. You'll get up very early, and you'll go to bed late at night. You will learn new skills every day and you will be expected to demonstrate those skills throughout Beast. If you can't, then you will attract attention from upperclassmen to reinforce those skills you failed to demonstrate properly. Repetition will ensure you learn the skill(s). Help your classmates master the skills that come easy to you. They, in turn, will help you master the skills you have difficulty with. Remember, cooperate and graduate.
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    The first few days are kind of dull, with issue points and briefings...it picks up after that. =) Like stated above...busy, busy, busy.
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    The only thing typical about any particular day is that you will be tired and constantly watched for the slightest mistake.

    The rest depends on your experience and aptitude for various activities. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and will feel much more stress when engaged in activities that expose their weaknesses. Good athletes excel in physical fitness and tend to get less attention from cadre in those areas. Prepsters are used to the military routine, prior service cadets have gone through basic and have field experience. The first three weeks focus on drill and garrison activities. I was miserable the first few weeks trying to march in step, make hospital corners, etc, but found PT and military training much easier.

    Although some disagree, I still insist that you should learn as much plebe knowledge as you can before R Day. The better prepared you are when you arrive, the more you can concentrate on areas that you find difficult.
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    For first detail, it is mostly knowlegde, standing passing off knowledge for hours, briefs, more briefs, and then some how even more briefs. The day starts with PT then breakfast, briefs or picking up gear, lunch, same thing again, dinner, and then a brief after some times. There is rifle zeroing and a couple outdoor activites thrown in there. Second detail is where there is a little more time for the new cadets and the real fun begins. The day starts the same with PT but then briefs are repalced with military training at Buckner. So gas chambers, repelling, shoot various weapon systems, and a field training exercise. I do not remember much from first detail other than many briefs and a lot of standing around waiting. Hope that answers some of your questions.
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    it really depends on if its the 1st or 2nd part of beast and just what you're doing that day but a very vague schedule is along the lines of:

    platoon form up at 0500
    flag at 0530
    pt starts of 0530 and ends at about 0705 maybe earlier maybe later
    0700ish-0720 shower
    0720- reg formation for breakfast
    0730-800 breakfast
    0800-1150 whatever training exercise, brief, field day, classroom work, depends on the detail
    1150 reg lunch formation
    1200-1230 lunch
    1230-1715 pt.2 of whatever training going on that day
    1715- reg dinner formation
    1730-1800 dinner
    1800-2030- either more training stuff but depending on the day, mass athletics or chaplains time
    2030-2200- shower, get ready for next day, TAPs
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