Aviation program and nrotc


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Oct 25, 2017
Hello, I'm having trouble find a college that has both an aviation program or specifically an aviation maintenance technician major that also has nrotc because I'm hoping to join the marines after college and work on planes. Does anyone know any colleges?

Thank you! It's greatly appreciated!!
@AlyW, I believe you should research NROTC more and understand the missions and career fields available, by reading everything available to you on NROTC programs and Marine Officer careers. Visit a nearby NROTC unit if you can. If College graduates who commission as officers - through a service academy, ROTC, or other program - go into career fields where they may supervise hands-on technicians as part of their own officer specialty. They are not likely to do aviation maintenance themselves.

If you want to be a hands-on aviation maintenance technician, the Services with aviation elements are very good about teaching enlisted personnel with HS degrees how to do that.

If you plan on getting your college degree, and do NROTC, you will be an officer, charged with learning your own professional specialty but leading the efforts of enlisted personnel who work for you.

The Navy does have engineering duty officers, but explaining that and the paths to get there is a bridge too far for this post.

The Air Force has a community of aircraft maintenance officers - see
Start with Embry Riddle https://erau.edu/# They are a leader in aviation education and they offer Aviation Maintenance and Aviation Maintenance Science as a Bachelor's degree.

+1 to @Capt MJ. The NROTC path into aviation is pilot or NFO. Do some research, reach out to the NROTC unit at Embry Riddle to see what opportunities there are for a Naval Officer managing aviation maintenance.
Keep in mind that your major in college often has little or nothing to do with your MOS. You should google "marine corps officer mos selection process" to see how MOS selection occurs during TBS. Your major doesn't enter into the process. Be sure you're willing to serve as Marine Officer in any role.