Avulsion Fracture

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    My son had an Avulsion Fracture at his pelvis during track practice in his sophomore year of high school. The X-Rays showed only a slight seperation and no surgery was needed. They told him to use crutches for a week or so and not to run for about 6 weeks. He was then checked again, everything healed fine and he was cleared for running and all other activities. He is now a senior and has done both track and cross country for all seasons since. He has no pain or symptoms of any kind and has never had a problem since.

    He has just been awarded a AROTC Scholarship and will soon need to have his physical. Will this be a problem in getting medically qualified for ROTC. Is there anything wi should do or get from the doctor before his physical.

    Thank you for your help on this.
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    I will reply to the email U sent me already:thumb:

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