[B]Antibiotic Use for Acne - Possible DQ?[/B]


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Feb 17, 2008
Ok. I know Accutane use to a certain period is possible DQ but what about antibiotics (Tetracycline, etc.)? I just did my DoDMERB with my flight surgeon today and, since that these guys are pretty experienced physicians for personnel with flying status, he suggested that I should treat my acne before heading out to Air Force Academy. He did not mention this in his examination notes but he did mention I have moderate cystic acne and that it caused no problem in putting my Gask Mask on or my Oxygen Mask during a T-38 incentive flight. I understand that severe acne is possible DQ. Am I correct at that one? I am just worried whether I start my treatment now while waiting for my DoDMERB results or if I should even be treated at all with antibiotics if I do end up LOA'd for the Academy?

Any advice on this one
Cystic acne could be a disqualification, but once it is resolved there would be no issues. Treatment for acne with antibiotics is not an issue for DoDMERB. If it is treated with Accutane then it would be a disqualification for the course of the treatment and 8 weeks after discontinuing the medications.
Acne Treatments

I take it its OK to be treated with antibiotics or prescription-grade topical medication for acne as long as its not Accutane. Does it mean I have to let DODMERB know if my change or additional treatment?
Anytime you have a change in your health status, injuries, illness, change in medication, you should let DoDMERB and the academy/ROTC admissions know.