Back Pain


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Jan 21, 2008
If you have been cleared by DoDMERB, but just recently started feeling back pain, would you report it to them?

Is cracking your back good for you?

This does not prevent me from doing my normal activities, but it does hurt when I wake up, but later on feels better.
Have you visited your physician?? Do you have a diagnosis?? Is it a simple strain that will clear up with a couple of days of rest? Is it something more severe? These are questions that DoDMERB will ask.

If you just send a letter to DoDMERB right now, they will change your status to "remedial" and request copies of the medical records from your physician.

The best thing to do is to visit your physician concerning your back pain, and after that visit submit a copy of the visit to DoDMERB and to the academy/ROTC program you have been accepted to.

If it is just a simple strain no big deal. If its something worse you may be placed in a disqualified status and need a waiver. If you do nothing and is it something more serious than a strain, you run the risk of being sent home form the academy/ROTC program when it is to late to accept another college.