Bad News regarding Narcolepsy

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by kdoty08, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Unfortunately, I lost the battle to the waiver authorities. After being medically disqualified for all 5 service academies + a full navy ROTC scholarship I received, the waiver authorities denied my waiver requests and told me I could not reapply. It was only my dream for 10+ years...I wanted to thank everyone for helping me along the way, giving me advise, all that good stuff. I know I had the potential to become an outstanding leader in the military - I am just so disappointed I wasn't given an opportunity. This is my first major life goal that I have failed at accomplishing.

    Anyway, I will be playing football at Division 1 Lafayette while studying mechanical engineering w/ a concentration in aerospace studies and hopefully a minor in physics. I hope to make it to the NFL 4 years from now...

    Good luck to all you future military leaders. Kick some ***.

    Here is a link of me for those interested...
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    Good luck, and thank you for wanting to serve.

    There is nothing you could do, and it is not about you not being up to "par". You never know what the bigger plan is for your life, maybe there is something out there that will give you the chance to shine brighter:smile:

    You will be an asset to anything you do, I am sure you will be successful in your future endeavors, who knows, you will probably meet people around the puzzle palace that were on here if you decide to go into the contractor world.

    BTW Lafayette is a great college, congrats on your acceptance:thumb: